The Dining Room Makeover | ORC Week 3

Well, well, well…week 3 really flew by between working on the dining room, actually doing work (that I get paid for), and spending some good fall family time on Sunday! I’m so happy we were able to take the day off from working and renovating to take Grayson to a pumpkin patch, with him being 7 months old, it was truly a one time experience, and he had a blast!

It feels like we got a whole lot done, but not enough…never enough. To recap from where we left off last week:

Our progress shot from last week with the wallpaper still intact.

The plan was to :

  • Skim coat over all the wallpaper... well- that definitely didn’t happen. I started the first panel and realized that some of the damaged paper (from the foundation cracking) was bubbling up with the wetness of the joint compound, and that’s when I thought “maybe it WOULD take me less time to just strip the paper” I definitely am one to prefer removal if possible, but I had it in my head for so long that I would have to skim this because it was stuck on there so well (and BOY was it!) So we stripped and stripped and my Magic Pro Garment steamer saved the day, because it was just about the ONLY thing that would get that metallic film off the surface!
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  • Drywall Prep – I did SOME…not all of this. I repaired some cracks, and I still have to fix some nail pops and other minor things before I finish painting everything.
  • Paint- To be completely honest, I started painting one wall and the corner (yes, before I finished prepping, shame on me!) but I was really excited to see some change in this space, and sometimes the most motivating thing you can do for yourself is to transform just one thing to keep you excited and moving along in the process. I tend to work in a very non-linear fashion (I even grocery shop this way and it drives Matthew nuts!) So painting one wall, and then going back and fixing some nail pops, and then turning around and starting something else is all a very normal part of my disorganized process
  • Hang the new curtains & rod- CHECK! Woo hooo! Although, since we aren’t done painting, it’s coming back down. I just really wanted to see what it looked like!

Can I tell you a secret about my curtains? …They’re not curtains….They’re twin flat sheets from Magic Linen. They just had a beautiful, large scale windowpane pattern that I was looking for, they were 100% linen and basically the perfect size for an 8 foot tall room curtain. Most curtains you find at a big box store for instance are shorter- I always want near full height curtains to make the window area look larger- These were the perfect fit & I absolutely LOVE them! The linen has a way of looking very casual but also formal at the same time.

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(this is NOT an affiliate link, I’m just a nice person who shares things)

So I didn’t get everything done that I wanted this week, but the progress we have made has inspired me to keep on going! If you haven’t already guessed which paint color we went with (We were choosing between Jasper, and Green Black) we went with….

Jasper by Sherwin Williams HGTV Home Color Collection

It’s such a handsome color, the photos really don’t do a great job of capturing it’s depth! (And I’m not a professional photographer by any means, so capturing a darker room is definitely going to be a challenge for me when it comes to the final reveal!)

My little corner of green with my beautiful new curtain hung! (Ceiling not yet painted!) This is progress!

So what is on the Agenda for week 4?

This week I’d like to:

  • Finish drywall prep
  • Finish painting
  • Hang our wall sconces (yes there are wall scones!)
  • Assemble the console table
  • Hang my painting back up
  • Figure out what the heck I’m going to do with the furniture (more answers on that coming next week….I think?)

That’s all for this week my friends! Don’t forget to check out some of my friends over on the ORC link up. I’ll be sharing a few each week on Sunday Shares on instagram too!