The Dining Room Makeover | ORC Week 4

I’m super late in writing my post this week, because when you have a 7 month old going on 2 year old, life can be unexpected sometimes, and this week he was very anti-sleep so my energy levels have been dwindling… especially with how hard we pushed last week to get the dining room looking so beautiful!

So on Sunday night after I put most of the flooring down and assembled 1 out of 3 shelving units I decided that I was done for the weekend and put everything back together so that we could enjoy our progress as an actual room this week and not a “construction zone” like most of our house is these days. It was so lovely! My mom and I sat in there after dinner just enjoying the space and how it felt so safe and comforting. Lights off with just the sconces and a big candle lit truly makes that chandelier glow like I’ve never seen it, and it made me feel guilty for ever even considering selling it (sorry chandelier!)

So if you remember at the end of last week I had painted just one wall and one corner and hung up the curtains to get myself excited and motivated, and it worked!

This past weekend

  • we finished painting (mostly- we still have the doors & some touch up paint areas)
  • hung up the sconces
  • assembled the console table (originally I had planned to do a beautiful DIY credenza, but it ended up not being in the budget this time)
  • installed the new flooring which arrived like SO FAST! I was so excited!
  • went to Ikea to pick up the shelving I have been wanting and has been out of stock for months but finally back!!!
    • So, I was being super picky about this and I refused to get any other shelving because I wanted something super simple and almost invisible here. I like that it’s black and smoked glass and no frills! I like the open back so you can still see the paneling behind it. I didn’t want to take away from the focus of some other the other super decorative items in the room & honestly you just can’t beat the price of these! (really… I looked)

I just happened to snap this beautiful picture on Saturday night right after we finished painting and cleaning up for the night & it really caught me off guard how stunning it looked! I think I may need to keep the drop cloth around as a table cloth (haha!) Totally kidding….

The end of a long day of painting!

I’m pretty delighted with how good our new flooring is looking after getting most of the straight pieces installed on Sunday! We’re planning to install this in the dining room, the front living room (currently my table makeover workshop) and the kitchen and pantry/laundry room area. It will sure be nice not to have dirty, bare concrete everywhere in our home, so I’m actually itching to move on to getting that installed in the other spaces too!

Flooring install in progress!

Even though we accomplished so much last weekend, this weekend has been SLOW going so far, and I’m feeling this deadline closing in on us very very fast with still having to not only finish, but also figure out what I’m even doing with our existing furniture refresh & the touch up paint, finishing touches, all of that stuff that comes along with finishing a space to the 100% complete point.

For now it’s feeling so good to be 90% there!

Don’t forget to check out my fellow challengers & their progress on their own rooms each week. Click the logo below to go to the link up!

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