The Dining Room Makeover | ORC Week 2

I’ll make this short and sweet as I sit in my breakfast room filled with chairs cleared out of the dining room, the distant clamor of men working in the tunnels below my slab. (finally installing our new plumbing system!) (Y-A-Y!)

This week was all about putting things back together, but also tearing things apart. Wait, What?

When we started this challenge last week, our house was torn apart and in complete disarray from our ongoing foundation project. We had 2 holes in the slab in our dining room space that have now been patched up so we can finally begin to make a little progress. Over this past week, we have very much been trying to put our house “back together” behind the scenes, but we also had a lot of demo and prep work to do for our One Room Challenge Dining Room Makeover.

This is where we started last week with two holes in our slab from foundation work being done on the house

Looking at our “progress photo” from this week may seem like we haven’t done anything yet, but trust me, several late night sweat sessions went into creating that “nothing”

One of our beautiful new chairs for either end of the dining table. You can see the Jasper green paint around the window & a sneak peek at one of our new curtains from @magiclinen

This Past Week Update

To sum up this week in a quick bulleted list (because the internet loves lists, right?)

  • I Cut up and removed the carpet and pad
  • I Scraped the glued pad off the floor
  • I Pried the tack strip out of the concrete (my least favorite thing to do)
  • I Swept/ Shop vacuumed the slab
  • I Painted the slab by accidentally spilling a 5 gallon bucket of paint onto it, which turned into a huge mess
  • I Cleaned the window & painted the mullions black
  • I Caulked around the window & painted Jasper Green from @sherwinwilliams HGTV home collection to try to decide on the color of the room. Thanks for everyone who weighed in on Insta Stories! I was deciding between Jasper and Green Black. It was HARD.
  • I Removed the old curtain track from the ceiling
  • I Went to pick up 2 extra chairs I scored from Facebook Marketplace for $40, I didn’t think we could afford to get extra chairs right now, In fact I had to cut A LOT of things I wanted to do from this project to make it work for our budget right now, so this was a super exciting “win” for me. Also they are VERY comfortable – I told my mom I now need one of those fancy “egg cups” that people put their hard boiled eggs in for breakfast (this might make no sense unless you are inside my brain, but fancy dining rooms call for fancy egg cups, and these $40 chairs feel FANCY) (yikes to that statement….)
Here’s what I did this week (video version)

Week 3 To Do List

I’m not sure if this list is more for me or for you, but here is what we would like to get done in the dining room this coming week:

  • Skim coat over all of the wallpaper (sorry…bye wallpaper)
  • Drywall Prep (minimally) Most people will do all this before they paint, but we’re actually doing this a bit backwards. because our foundation was just lifted, they said it would take another 90 days or so and we would see some settling and movement, so they recommended not spending time or money repairing drywall cracks. We’re just going to clean them up a little bit for now, paint it, and then come back later and do a full repair a few months from now.
  • Paint the walls, ceiling, baseboards, doors (which color green did I pick!?)
  • Hang the new curtain rod & curtains

That is a whole lot of work right there! This room is going to transform in a major way this week & I am here for it!

Also don’t forget to check out all the other One Room Challenge participants and view their progress this week~!

See you next week my friends!

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