The Final Dining Room Reveal | ORC Week 6

We’re DONE! We’re DONE! We did it! We’re DONE! Here I sit, in my $20 throne chair, writing this reveal post. Someone please bring me a soft boiled egg on one of my beautiful new egg cups!! If you’ve been following along on our renovation journey, (thank you for being here!) you know we have […]

The Dining Room Makeover | ORC Week 4

I’m super late in writing my post this week, because when you have a 7 month old going on 2 year old, life can be unexpected sometimes, and this week he was very anti-sleep so my energy levels have been dwindling… especially with how hard we pushed last week to get the dining room looking […]

The Dining Room Makeover | ORC Week 3

Well, well, well…week 3 really flew by between working on the dining room, actually doing work (that I get paid for), and spending some good fall family time on Sunday! I’m so happy we were able to take the day off from working and renovating to take Grayson to a pumpkin patch, with him being […]

The Dining Room Makeover | ORC Week 2

I’ll make this short and sweet as I sit in my breakfast room filled with chairs cleared out of the dining room, the distant clamor of men working in the tunnels below my slab. (finally installing our new plumbing system!) (Y-A-Y!) This week was all about putting things back together, but also tearing things apart. […]


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